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"Balloon Dog Deflated" (GIF file) by Michael Green "

A GIF artwork on ebay, hoping to be the ‘most expensive GIF of all time” and make $5,800:

"Balloon Dog Deflated" ( is a GIF animation by the net artist Michael Green, an excerpt from his tumblr GIF series “luxury.obj” ( which explores the desire of class “objects” through the replication and representation of the original object, with specific attention detailed on the essence of the object itself, through the use of various digital lighting and texture techniques. “Balloon Dog Deflated” is an ironic re-working of the 12 foot stainless steel sculpture “Balloon Dog” (1994) by Jeff Koons, which sold in an auction for $58 million dollars, which according to The New York Times, claims that the sculpture is “the most expensive work sold by an artist in an auction”  Jeff Koons would have a staff of the most skilled “employed” craftsmen to compose his work …

… The museum of 2o14 is the internet. The museum is in Tumblr, the most relevant “space” for the culture to see any work of art and/or image related/unrelated; the spectator and the relationship of the image. Physical museums, like compact discs and books are dead. It’s in the cloud now, and it is time to embrace this fact and make the essence of an art object relevant to everyday society …

Jeff Koons sold his original “Balloon Dogs” through a physical auction for a record $58 million dollars. HISTORY ALWAYS REPEATS ITSELF. Here we are, 20 years later on ebay (a digital auction) with the same artwork, created in the medium of our times (3D animation/GIF) , about to make history once again. When you commit to buying the original GIF file, rendered directly from the artist’s computer, you will be making history, as you will have purchased the most expensive bitmap image format in the history of mankind …
I can’t see it happening …
You can check out the ebay listing here
You can also check out all of the luxuryobj GIFs at the Tumblr blog here

Really interesting work, but the legal back end of the sale doesn’t feel 100% thought through…


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I’ve said my piece about my personal life and that holds true. I have zero interest in ever discussing my sex or love life publicly on other people’s terms. If you want answers about the particulars of a game developer’s private romantic entanglements, please ask yourself why you feel entitled to such a thing. As far as I’m concerned, the only people who have any business in knowing these things are the people they actually effect - and my current partner is aware. 

Professionally, I feel like there are some things I can easily address though, now that things have begun to calm down. 

Regarding the claim that I have exchanged sex for positive reviews. This has been investigated and debunked, and oh right, the review in question doesn’t even exist. Anything else written by Nathan in 2014, before we started dating, in which I am vaguely, tangentially mentioned at all has been the same tone and coverage as everyone else who covered it. There is no corruption issue here - if there was, you’d think there’d be some talk of massive AAA companies flying out and wining and dining games journalists rather than discussion of Phil Fish’s relationships. (warning: all of these links are screenshots and there’s a small sampling of the smorgasbord of fucked up shit in them) It’s almost like this whole scandal only blew up for reasons otherthan "corruption".

Regarding the claim that I doxxed and destroyed The Fine Young Capitalists, that is also incorrect. You can read that here in their own words. I know that when things kick up online it can be hard to sort out who did what, but aside from their own statement, there is zero evidence of this. What I did do was be critical of some of their policies on twitter, because as someone who has taught women game design and created programs to help them get started making their first games I get really passionate about this stuff. We have different approaches but share the same wish to get women involved with game development, and I wish them the best of luck in accomplishing that. Rebel Jamis not one of these programs and was totally unrelated to anything having to do with TFYC and came as a reaction to everything that was wrong about Game_Jam - but I will have some really exciting things to announce soon about it that I’ve been holding in for a while until paperwork clears and red tape is cut. Stay tuned.

Regarding the claim that I am the head of a massive conspiracy that is able to censor and shut down all major games press sites, 4chan, reddit, and god knows what else, I WISH that was true. God how cool would that be? A shadowy overlord of the internet, who is also kind of a cyborg? Shit that would be a good story. But that’s all it is - a story. Occam’s razor is still a thing. What is more likely, the pulp story of a lone woman manipulating the entire internet or that maybe, JUST MAYBE, other people can recognize this for the TMZ style bullshit it really is? 

If you have any further concerns about what I stand for or if my role in the industry has been one for the betterment of other people, despite releasing a game pushing back against the stigma of mental illness for free on the biggest digital distribution platformcreating guides and programs to make game development more accessible to people of traditionally discouraged backgroundsstanding up for the image of future of indie games even at risk of getting sued back into the stone agefighting for a better games culture where developers don’t have to fear consumersexperimenting with new formats of distributing free gameshelping organize queer-friendly game jams; then I encourage you to watch me in the coming months. I am going to continue trying to break down barriers and disrupt the culture that enabled the abuse I’ve endured from the last two weeks from ever happening to anyone ever again. No more Phil Fishes. No more Anita Sarkeesians. No more Zoe Quinns. No more of the less known, less extreme cases where we don’t even notice or hear the voices disappearing. No more developers living in fear, afraid to speak their minds, afraid to be people, wondering when they might be next. This has always been my MO, this will continue to be so. I am going to keep doing what I do, I’m going to keep being a human with all the flaws and moments of brilliance that come with that, and hopefully I can work towards these goals with some level of effectiveness.

Time to get back to work. I love you all.

‘Dennehy’ by SerengetiSo Chicago.


Only good things can come of this. 

"Would you care for a date?"
"You mean…. another data point?"
"No, I… was thinking about dinner."
"Joan, will you….
"…be my co-author?" 
"Oh, Meredith! Et al!" 


TRUTH. Love this graphic from the Transcending Gender Project.

I remember teaching my kid brother this one!


TRUTH. Love this graphic from the Transcending Gender Project.

I remember teaching my kid brother this one!


Orlando Jones sends powerful, provocative message with ‘bullet bucket challenge’

While pedestrians and celebrities alike have spent the past two weeks dumping buckets of ice over their heads in increasing comical and entertaining ways, actor Orlando Jones, took a different route with his challenge video.

He emptied a bucket full of bullets over his head, tying together the viral trend with the disturbing news out of Ferguson, Mo., following the killing of unarmed teen Michael Brown.

I M P O R T A N T !!!


HEY GUYS tumblr user adventuretime-friends has been constantly re-posting artwork of other’s and watermarking it as their own. 

Please do me a huge favor and report them!! Also please reblog this to signal boost! This is really important. Even if you don’t like Adventure Time, it would be great if you could help some artists out and try to get this blog to either credit the proper owners or delete their content.

Art theft is never at all okay.

Don’t steal, kids.

And everywhere we look we imagine solid objects, but science finds only a web of dancing energy.
Robert Anton Wilson (via nathanielstuart)